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Visual Storytelling | Novello
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Visual Storytelling

Novello is the independent, multi-disciplined design practice of Francesca Villani.

Over 15 years industry experience has enabled me to craft brands across many business sectors and disciplines at various points on their journey. Working with a great sense of responsibility and respect, I’m interested in cultivating long working relationships as your brand evolves and business grows.

Whether you are a startup business ready to show the World what you’re about, or an established brand that needs to realign and refresh, Novello’s design effectiveness can ensure you are telling the right visual story to your customers and clients.



The Design Process

Although each client and project is unique, calling for a tailor made service, a strategic phase is generally required to ensure a complete understanding of your requirements and your business or product.

After this, the concept stage begins where initial ideas and design directions are defined. Following your input and feedback, the chosen design or selected ideas are refined further to a finished design.

We will then create the design items you require, consistent with your new brand and/or visual identity.


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